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Evening with EXIT – October


Making my way downtown to Riverside can be absolutely stunning, especially from a rooftop bar. Evening with EXIT was held at Hoptinger Bier & Sausage House on Park Ave this month. The area around Hoptinger is beautiful, despite the nightmare parking can be. Getting to the rooftop bar required climbing an actual mountain of stairs, but at the peak, I was greeted by warm welcomes and smiles.



We had a good gathering of agents and vendors, all meeting with each other. Some, old friends. Others, new acquaintances. All of our agents were friendly enough to give any new face a greeting and introduction. No one was ever excluded from a conversation.


Evening with EXIT was a great way for agents to meet the people they’ve been emailing with for months in person. When some made the connection, it broke the monotony of questions and spurred real conversations. Generic questions soon changed to more engaging ones. Conversations became more passionate. One particular conversation lasted 30 minutes, five subjects, and two beers. Needless to say, all of our agents and vendors were very welcoming and all were passionate about what they do. We could not have a better crowd of people all working together.


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